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In trying to perfectly recreate my rendition of Ely’s painting, I found that the mistakes that came from it were more fulfilling for me to see. I remember spending so long on trying to have my proportions and hers match to a t that I missed some of my favorite photos in that mission. InContinue reading “Portraits!”

Can I Wear All My Clothes?

All? Probably not… But I definitely got close. For this assignment I took a stab at all my sweaters and sweat pants, as well as the stack of hats for all weather. This particular assignment was dreadful for my excitable puppy, I thought the saga below needed to be posted.

Pandemic Aesthetic

This image pretty clearly depicts my mood these past few weeks. For some strange reason I’m sure you could figure out, I haven’t gotten the opportunity to be bored yet. From constant changing lists and cleaning to a constantly escalating Harley, it seems like I haven’t gotten a chance to sit down. Honestly I wishContinue reading “Pandemic Aesthetic”

Letter to Myself

This prompt was a well needed way for me to take a step back and think about what’s been going on in my life. Whenever I’ve written these time stamped letters it’s always with the purpose of catching myself up in the future. I don’t think I’ll be forgetting these past few months so itContinue reading “Letter to Myself”

Blank Canvas

For this project I spent a lot of time brainstorming the perfect window and the perfect symbol to create. I started with a theme and material I wanted to lead with, that came to be this wrapping tissue paper I found in my garage. With this medium I decided that I wanted to incorporate aContinue reading “Blank Canvas”

Frame by frame

This is the most painstakingly frustrating assignment I have ever received in my career as a foundations student. Im sorry theres no video, I’ve tried literally (literally) all day to make this collage and every app or website I find either gives me the wrong product or asks me for money. These are my imagesContinue reading “Frame by frame”

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